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Tips to Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Despite spending a lot of money on DIY tools, putting in your precious time, and making your best efforts, DIY carpet cleanings might not offer you satisfactory results. This is particularly true if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

Because of this, hiring a professional carpet cleaning is the ideal thing you can do for your carpet and your wallet.  

Carpet cleaning companies have all the tools and skills needed to make your carpet look brand new.  

So, if you want to hire a professional carpet cleaning Chandler company, here are several tips you can follow to prepare for the job: 

Create a Post-Cleaning Plan 

The time required to finish a carpet cleaning task greatly depends on what type of professional cleaning you choose. For example, the dry powder method will enable you to access your carpet earlier compared to the steam cleaning method.  

You might have to keep yourself and your family members off the carpet for at least 1 day. That is why professionals recommend that you plan your professional cleaning session.  

Usually, carpets require at least 6 to 8 hours for them to be completely dry. Thus, you should tell your family to keep their feet off for at least 1 day.  

Place Your Pets Elsewhere 

If you want to prepare for a professional carpet cleaning process, you will have to transfer your pets somewhere safe. You might have to move them to a new location for at least 24-48 hours.  

The reason for this is that your pets might get hurt by the machines while roaming around your house. Furthermore, most pets are scared of carpet cleaning tools. Having these kinds of pets will make the job a lot harder for professionals. 

Check For Small Things 

There may not be visible items on the surface of your carpet. However, you still have to comb over it with a close eye to avoid small items hiding under the fibers from getting stuck in the professional cleaning tools.  

Move Fragile Items and Other Obstacles 

When it comes to arrangements, there are a couple of obvious items that you have to move during the carpet cleaning process. Whenever an expert comes to your house for cleaning, you should try to hide all fragile items inside a safe place. This will help you prevent these items from getting damaged.  

Aside from damage, moving obstacles and fragile items out of the way can save hours during the carpet cleaning process.  

Empty Your Parking Space 

Think about transferring your cars from your garage to another place. Your parking space should stay vacant for the van of the carpet cleaner. Since they’ve got to park as close as possible to your house, having access to your garage will help them make the job easier.  

Talk to the Carpet Cleaning Company 

It is always wise to clear all the questions that you’ve got in your mind. You can do this by asking the carpet cleaning company questions.  

These professionals will probably offer you a checklist. Asking questions will help you properly prepare for the carpet cleaning process.  

Cleaning Companies vs. Independent Cleaners

While searching for a professional cleaner to clean your home, you might find cleaning companies and independent cleaners offering almost similar services. While independent cleaners and cleaning companies might appear the same, they’ve got key differences that you should know before you hire one.  

Cleaning companies hire and train workers to clean the home of a customer. Independent cleaners are contractors providing their services in direct agreement with a customer. Most homeowners will not notice a difference between the two simply by seeing them work.  

However, there are differences that you should know before you hire an independent cleaner or a house cleaning Gilbert company. 


Cleaning companies are a negotiator between you and the professional cleaner. On the other hand, independent cleaners don’t have negotiators.  

This will not be an issue at all if the cleaning company is well-organized. However, being able to send a message or call the company can be extremely useful. Do you want to leave a special instruction? Do you want to change the schedule? Having direct contact with the cleaner can improve communication. 

Legal Obligations 

If you hire a cleaning service, contractors and cleaning companies need to retain and pay taxes. However, hiring an independent house cleaner can get complicated. This is particularly true if you’re searching for a full-time or part-time maid.  

You will have to fulfill the legal obligations of the employer if the IRS figures out that the cleaner is your employee.  

If you don’t want to experience this legal obligation, hiring a professional cleaning company is your best bet.  

Skills and Training 

Independent cleaners and employees in a company can be equally skilled in their jobs. However, cleaning companies typically take care of the certifications and training of their employees.  

For bigger companies, quality assurance is significant. A couple of cleaning companies even guarantee the satisfaction of their customers. Thus, it might be best to consider hiring a cleaning company.  


Independent cleaners and cleaning companies sometimes have preset services. However, when it comes to adapting to the needs of their customer, an independent cleaner is more flexible. Oftentimes, independent contractors are independent housekeepers as well. This includes chores such as folding laundry or decluttering.  

Meanwhile, cleaning companies typically follow cleaning-related tasks. Concentrating on cleaning isn’t really an issue. The reason for this is that companies are more effective in offering their cleaning services.  


Cleaning companies are known for their reputation. While an independent cleaner should be reputable as well, it will vary on the cleaner. Whenever you hire an independent cleaner, it will be up to you to guarantee if they are reliable.  

Checking for references, interviewing potential cleaners, and agreeing to a trial period is part of choosing the right cleaner for your house.  

Meanwhile, cleaning companies perform a background examination and interview all employees they hire. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about the selection process.  

If you’re in a hurry to clean your house, your best bet is to hire a cleaning company. However, if you’ve got time to interview several potential cleaners, you can hire an independent cleaner.  

How to Deep Clean Your Office?

Almost every office is a fast-paced and busy place where things have to get done well and fast. A usual day includes employees running back and forth, the sound of a microwave heating someone’s lunch, spilling coffee on the carpet, and a lot of other things.   

Unfortunately, a lot of companies neglect the significance of office deep clean due to the busyness of the environment. This is where a professional commercial cleaning company comes in. If you’re planning to hire janitorial services or the expert carpet cleaning Gilbert providers, here are a couple of things they should include in the service:  

Deep Cleaning  

Germs can accumulate easily on the floors. Spilled food and drinks result in ugly stains that can actually stick and emit foul odors. Ugly floors can offer the impression of a dirty office that may turn away potential customers or investors.   

An expert cleaning company should always move the furniture around so that no place is left dirty. They should begin by vacuuming office upholstery then vacuum the floors. They should move furniture around to get behind and under the hidden spots. They should utilize a high-powered vacuum for carpeted floors that traps allergen and dust particles. If your floor does not have any carpet, they should utilize a mop and a vacuum to polish your floor. They should ensure that they mop the corners and edges of the floor first to guarantee they will not miss anything.   

Window, Baseboards, and Vents  

Dust mites are one of the most popular triggers of allergies. Oftentimes, anti-allergies that people take can trigger drowsiness. This may affect the efficiency of the work resulting in missing meetings or not meeting deadlines.  

Dust accumulates easily in areas that people forget to wipe or dust. Routine and comprehensive cleaning lowers allergens and can help ease allergies. This can be completed by wiping or dusting surfaces such as blinds, window ledges, baseboards, walls, and even office decors that tend to gather dust. A cleaner should ensure they wipe surfaces using an all-purpose cleaning solution.   

Hard to Reach Areas  

With an expert cleaning company working on your office, they’ll be able to address the hard-to-reach areas that you usually would not consider to clean. This may include ledges, vents, and the upper part of your air-conditioning unit. For difficult to reach areas, a professional cleaning company should utilize a dusting tool to get rid of dust, cobwebs, and insect eggs that hang on the uppermost area of your walls or ceilings. Meanwhile, for cabinet overhead and cupboards, they should utilize a diluted all-purpose cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth to polish them. They should also utilize a stainless-steel cleaner and furniture polish for stainless steel furniture. This will guarantee that they’re safely and properly cleaned.   

You should not hesitate to invest in an office deep clean. This is particularly true nowadays during the Covid-19 pandemic. With a professional cleaning company, you will obtain various cleaning services that can help you maintain the cleanliness of your office and workspace.   

After-Holiday Party Carpet Cleaning Tips

The holiday season is the perfect time for parties, dinners, and some special gatherings with friends and family. But, if you are hosting such dinners or parties, perhaps you have various opinions when it comes to this season. The moment the crowd has reduced, and your last visitor goes home, you will be left with an extremely messy floor. Fortunately, you can help maintain your carpet’s cleanliness even after the wildest holiday parties or celebrations. Here are some of the after-party carpet cleaning tips for you:  

Clean your shoes  

When your home has debris and dirt within, there’s a possibility that someone has similar debris and dirt on the shoes that they wear. For that, make sure to gather all the shoes in your house and make sure to wipe them down properly the night after a gathering or a party. This will help keep any debris and dirt from being transported within your home’s carpeting spaces, preventing any damage in the future.   

Solution for wine stain removal  

The most extreme stain that could emerge on your carpets would be the red wine stains. Even spotting a spilled Merlot glass can cause any property owner to panic. However, you should not be scared since another renowned beverage can help you eliminate the stain. All you have to do is to get any leftover beer and then try rubbing a couple of drops into the wine stain. You’ll probably be shocked how these drops work like a charm in terms of removing red wine stain.   

 Act as soon as possible  

You need to be aware that the longer you allow a spot to be left out, the more challenging it will be to remove. If a spill sits on your carpet for a longer time, it could become an established stain. Though cleaning a spot is easy to do, it’s very hard to completely remove stain discolorations on your carpet fibers.   

So, the first thing you should do right after you wake up the next day would be to get your cleaning supplies and check your carpets if there are any signs of unsolicited spots. If possible, it would be best to wipe up any spills even before going to bed to keep further carpet discoloration and staining.   

Get ready for next time  

After cleaning up the mess after the party, perhaps you might be thinking about what you can do to keep these stains from occurring the next time. Fortunately, you can do a lot of preventative measures, such as placing a mat beneath your Christmas tree to prevent any hard to eradicate sap accumulation, letting the guests leave their shoes on the entryway before they get inside your home, and regular vacuuming to prevent the dirt from accumulating in your carpets.  

Employ an expert carpet cleaner  

If you can find it hard to remove the stain, that’s the time when you need to contact experts from carpet cleaning Gilbert can help assess your carpet floor and do the needed tasks that must be done to repair it.   

Things to Know About Carpet Cleaning and Pets

If you’ve got pets, you probably know how difficult it is to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. To make your life easier, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company for help. 

Unfortunately, some of these cleaning companies utilize harsh chemicals that aren’t safe for you and your pets. So, does this mean you shouldn’t hire a professional? The answer is no. 

Keep in mind that DIY methods and vacuum cleaners aren’t enough to completely clean your carpet. If you don’t get rid of the deep-seated stains from your carpet, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.  

Because of this, it’s still ideal to hire a professional carpet cleaning Gilbert company. Before you do so, here are a couple of things you should know: 

Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Pet Dander? 

The simple answer is yes. These companies have high-quality tools and the required skills to get rid of pet dander from your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company will also deep clean your carpet and get rid of the stubborn stains that you might not notice with your naked eye.  

Make sure you hire a company that uses pet-friendly carpet cleaning products. This will help guarantee that you and your pet are safe.  

Get Rid of Pet Odor 

One of the biggest drawbacks of owning a pet is that there will be unavoidable urine accidents. It does not matter how well you train them. This is particularly true if you’re moving into a new house and your pet isn’t familiar with the new place yet.  

The issue with these accidents is that they can affect your health if your carpets aren’t thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, pets are known to pee in the same spot. Because of this, you should get rid of the odor from that area to prevent another accident.  

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about pet stains and odors if you hire a professional carpet cleaning company. They will use steam cleaning as it is the best cleaning method when it comes to pet urine.  

Getting Rid of Pet Hairs from Carpet 

If you’ve got pets, they will shed their fur. This is particularly true if you’ve got long-haired cats or dogs. If you’ve got allergies or one of your family members is sensitive to contaminants, this excess fur can be extremely uncomfortable.  

There are a couple of methods you can use to lower the amount of pet hair on your carpet. This includes: 

  • Rubber Brooms 

When they contact the carpet, rubber brooms create a static charge. It attracts pet hair to the rubber pad. You can do this to collect the pet hair and utilize a vacuum cleaner to get rid of it. 

  • Pet Beds 

You will reduce the amount of fur on your carpet if your pet has its personal space to lie in. Thus, you will lower the surface area that you have to get rid of pet hair.  

  • Routine Grooming 

Brushing the fur of your pet regularly will guarantee that you can collect loose hair before it falls on your carpet.