If you’ve got pets, you probably know how difficult it is to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. To make your life easier, you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company for help. 

Unfortunately, some of these cleaning companies utilize harsh chemicals that aren’t safe for you and your pets. So, does this mean you shouldn’t hire a professional? The answer is no. 

Keep in mind that DIY methods and vacuum cleaners aren’t enough to completely clean your carpet. If you don’t get rid of the deep-seated stains from your carpet, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.  

Because of this, it’s still ideal to hire a professional carpet cleaning Gilbert company. Before you do so, here are a couple of things you should know: 

Does Professional Carpet Cleaning Get Rid of Pet Dander? 

The simple answer is yes. These companies have high-quality tools and the required skills to get rid of pet dander from your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning company will also deep clean your carpet and get rid of the stubborn stains that you might not notice with your naked eye.  

Make sure you hire a company that uses pet-friendly carpet cleaning products. This will help guarantee that you and your pet are safe.  

Get Rid of Pet Odor 

One of the biggest drawbacks of owning a pet is that there will be unavoidable urine accidents. It does not matter how well you train them. This is particularly true if you’re moving into a new house and your pet isn’t familiar with the new place yet.  

The issue with these accidents is that they can affect your health if your carpets aren’t thoroughly cleaned. Furthermore, pets are known to pee in the same spot. Because of this, you should get rid of the odor from that area to prevent another accident.  

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about pet stains and odors if you hire a professional carpet cleaning company. They will use steam cleaning as it is the best cleaning method when it comes to pet urine.  

Getting Rid of Pet Hairs from Carpet 

If you’ve got pets, they will shed their fur. This is particularly true if you’ve got long-haired cats or dogs. If you’ve got allergies or one of your family members is sensitive to contaminants, this excess fur can be extremely uncomfortable.  

There are a couple of methods you can use to lower the amount of pet hair on your carpet. This includes: 

  • Rubber Brooms 

When they contact the carpet, rubber brooms create a static charge. It attracts pet hair to the rubber pad. You can do this to collect the pet hair and utilize a vacuum cleaner to get rid of it. 

  • Pet Beds 

You will reduce the amount of fur on your carpet if your pet has its personal space to lie in. Thus, you will lower the surface area that you have to get rid of pet hair.  

  • Routine Grooming 

Brushing the fur of your pet regularly will guarantee that you can collect loose hair before it falls on your carpet.